Adult Students

The Family Literacy Center offers free and confidential, one-to-one help for adults who want to read, write, spell, or speak English better. Tutoring is available at flexible times and locations and is based on the student’s goals.

If you live in the Lapeer County area and want help, call the office at 810-664-2737 to set up an appointment.

For our Adult Literacy Program, students should:

  1. Live or work in Lapeer County.
  2. Be at least 17 years old.
  3. Want to read better.
  4. Agree to meet in a public place like our office or the library. No meeting in private homes.
  5. Be able to get to the tutoring site without assistance from the Family Literacy Center or the tutor.
  6. Be able to attend to tasks for at least 30 minutes.
  7. Be willing to attend weekly sessions of at least 1 hour per week year-round.
  8. Demonstrate appropriate behavior at the initial interview, including appropriate personal hygiene, appropriate language and positive behavior patterns.

Who is the adult who struggles with reading?

Comes from all types of background and can be found everywhere
Becomes easily trapped in old, destructive patterns
Often has poor self-concept and low self-esteem
Can become isolated, hidden and a prisoner to a rigid, patterned life
Often intelligent and creative, often learns in non-traditional ways
Can become resentful, angry, and defensive
Often has highly developed “common” sense
Lets others take over, has little or no personal power or authority