Volunteers Are Always Needed!

We have identified specific needs within the Family Literacy Center and have developed basic job descriptions for these needs. It is our hope that our current volunteers may discover that they can help in new ways that may be very fulfilling to them. We also hope that our volunteer team will feel more comfortable recruiting new volunteers that may not want to be traditional volunteer tutors (although we always have a need for them as well).

There is SO much our volunteers can do to help us achieve the mission of the Family Literacy Center which is “building skills and enriching lives through literacy in the Lapeer County area.” Please review this extensive list of volunteer jobs. There is a great variety of jobs we need filled. Contact us if you believe you possess the skills necessary to be successful in one or more positions. We will provide training, support and supplies.

Click for our Volunteer Packet to apply to serve as a volunteer.

Thank you for your time and commitment to the Family Literacy Center!