In addition to our traditional volunteer tutors, the Family Literacy Center has identified specific needs that can be fulfilled by volunteers who may not be comfortable as a tutor, but still want to give of their time. We will provide training, support and supplies. Click for our Volunteer Packet to apply to serve as a volunteer.

If you think you’re unqualified to teach someone to read, please consider that you just passed the test.
All it takes is the ability to read and the interest to help others. As a volunteer for the Family Literacy Center, you’ll help someone learn one of the most basic skills for getting ahead. And it only takes two hours a week. Call today. We’ll give you all the training you need.

Why should I be a tutor?
Most of us are looking for a way to make a difference in the world we live in. Teaching an adult to read is a satisfying way to do that. As a tutor, you help to “free a mind” to learn, to grow and achieve. You see a person “take wings” moving from self-doubt to self-confidence, from an “I can’t do it” attitude to an “anything is possible” attitude. At the same time, YOU are learning, growing, achieving and gaining new perspectives on the world you live in. What better incentive could there be?

What is the training like?
The 14 hour LitStart Tutor Training is very thorough. Although it is intensive, the classes are casual and fun. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Understanding the adult learners and their goals
  • Teaching to your student’s learning style
  • How to help with phonics, sight words and word families
  • Developing comprehension
  • How to plan a session using your student’s interests
  • Developing writing skills
  • Information for working with an English as a Second Language student

In addition, the Family Literacy Center provides at least 3 in-service meetings throughout the year. Topics for these sessions are chosen to help increase a tutor’s skills. Tutors receive ongoing guidance and support from the Family Literacy Center staff.

Who can become a tutor?
Any interested adult who can:

  • Read and write English well
  • Commit two hours a week to a student
  • Relate with sensitivity and compassion to another adult
  • Maintain confidentiality, demonstrate patience & perseverance

You do not have to be a teacher to be a tutor. Among those tutoring in our program are a nurse, a cashier, a computer programmer, a press operator, a secretary, a real estate agent, a landscape designer and several retired people from a variety of occupations.

How do I become a Tutor?
Sign up for an orientation session to learn more about the Family Literacy Center. We will answer your questions and explain in greater detail what it’s like to be a volunteer tutor. Then, if you’re still interested, you will need to attend the 14 hour intensive LitStart training program before being matched with a student. In addition, the Family Literacy Center provides at least 3 in-service meetings on topics which will increase a tutor’s skills. Tutors are also given guidance and suggestions by Family Literacy Center staff.

Where do I get Materials?
You will be trained to use everyday materials (newspapers, magazines, menus, job related materials) as textbooks. The Family Literacy Center’s library has many workbooks and different reading materials available for your use.

How often do I tutor? And where?
Tutoring pairs usually meet once per week, year round. Sessions last for 1-2 hours. The place, time and frequency of meetings are arranged by the tutor, student and Family Literacy Center. Most meet at places such as a room in a church, library, township hall or other public building. There is also limited meeting space available at the Family Literacy Center. Tutoring is never allowed in private homes. We will help you find an appropriate and convenient place.

Celebrity Auction Solicitor
Time commitment: Flexible times, needed immediately, 10-30 hours total

  • Skills needed include: good computer research skills, eye for detail, ability to write request letters, ability to coordinate mailings
  • Reports to and works with: Mary Wiese, Executive Director

Camel Race Fundraising Assistant ~ needed August 1 through October 30
Time commitment:  Somewhat flexible times, an estimated 4-12 hours per week

  • Skills needed include: ability to take initiative, follow through on projects, excellent organizational skills, ability to multi-task, good proofreading skills, ability to do mailings, good customer service skills
  • Reports to and works with:  Mary Wiese, Executive Director

Video Promotion Producer and Editor
Time commitment:  Hours are flexible. This could easily be a combined effort between two or more people. Must have access to your own equipment

  • Video record FLC activities, including training, interviews & workshops
  • Edit recordings down to a 5-6 minute promotional DVD that represents our mission and how we are fulfilling that mission (building skills and enriching lives through literacy in the Lapeer County area).
  • Reports to and works with: Mary Wiese, Executive Director

Student Activities Coordinator
Time commitment:  will spend approximately 10 hours on promotion and producing events four times a year.

  • Convening a student meeting or party four times a year
  • Call students to promote event, arrange topic or theme and plan location and food
  • Reports to: Adult Program Administrator

One On One Promotion Specialist
Time commitment:  varies according to event.

  • You will be skilled at speaking individually to persons who visit our display tables at various community events or exhibits as needed
  • Monitor Lapeer County community calendar on web and in area newspapers
  • Attend events and promote Family Literacy Center activities to participants
  • Maintain current brochures and transport these as needed to events
  • Reports to: FLC staff

Mailing Coordinator
Time commitment: a weekly chore, varying by by project size.

  • This volunteer may chose to work alone or manage a group of others who also wish to do this kind of work.
  • Have ability to work with a deadline, mail in specified time frame
  • Assemble needed materials, collate, sort and stamp for mailing using provided example.
  • Reports to: FLC Staff

Family Flyer Distributor/Coordinator
Time commitment:  Hours vary; There are usually one distribution each month.

  • Deliver packets to schools/libraries/businesses according to the checklist
  • Reports to: Meredith Donahue, Adult Program Administrator

Computer Maintenance Specialist
Time commitment:  Hours are somewhat flexible and number needed to perform required tasks will need to be determined by this volunteer

  • Will ensure that all maintenance (virus protection, updates, etc) are performed on all FLC computers to keep them in top operating condition.
  • Troubleshoot problems including those with specific programs, networks and software
  • Provide training for FLC staff
  • Exceptional technical skills required
  • Reports to: Mary Wiese, Executive Director

Training Host
Time commitment:   2-4 hours at an event up to 10 times per year

  • Be present at all FLC trainings and assist trainers with room set-up, arranging refreshments, making coffee, keep food areas clean and well-stocked
  • Welcoming guests and provide information about restrooms, facility
  • Reports to:

Publications Manager
Time commitment: this will require 2-5 hours weekly

  • Oversee various printing of various publications as needed.
  • Requesting staff and be given specific examples and deadlines for production of materials
  • Copy flyers from an original on our copier, cut them apart using a paper cutter, and organize them into packets for distribution
  • Print, collate according to provided example, binding if needed
  • Reports to: FLC Staff

Building Maintenance

Time Commitment:  2-5 hours per week, varies, flexible

  • Change light bulbs, check smoke detectors, change furnace filters, stop drips
  • Repair walls, floors, doors, locks


Time Commitment: 1-4 hours per week, varies, flexible

  • Remove branches, weeds, brush
  • Keep parking lot area clean, power wash building or parking area as needed
  • Keep flower beds planted and cleaned up, put down mulch


Time Commitment: 2-8 hours per week, varies, flexible

  • Clean restrooms, kitchen, offices, and common areas including vacuuming, dusting, mopping
  • Keep windows and doors clean and clear
  • Keep building, overall, presentable and neat

It is a long list! We believe there is something for everyone. If you think of something we omitted, just call and offer – we will probably agree with you!