Volunteer Positions

Celebrity Auction Solicitor
Time commitment: Flexible times, needed immediately, 10-30 hours total

  • Skills needed include: good computer research skills, eye for detail, ability to write request letters, ability to coordinate mailings
  • Reports to and works with: Mary Wiese, Executive Director

P.A.C.T. Games Engineer
Time commitment: Hours are flexible. Office space & materials will be provided but you can also work from home.

  • Build games for our workshop. The game idea will be supplie; however, we welcome new ideas!
  • Make new game-boards or cards according to the instructions provided. 
  • Possible brainstorming with staff to come up with new game ideas
  • Reports to Meredith Donahue, Family Program Coordinator

Camel Race Fundraising Assistant ~ needed August 1 through October 17
Time commitment:  Somewhat flexible times, an estimated 4-12 hours per week

  • Skills needed include: ability to take initiative, follow through on projects, excellent organizational skills, ability to multi-task, good proofreading skills, ability to do mailings, able to lift 20 lbs, good customer service skills
  • Reports to and works with:  Mary Wiese, Executive Director

Video Promotion Producer and Editor
Time commitment:  Hours are flexible.This could easily be a combined effort between two or more people. Must have access to your own equipment

  • Video record FLC activities, including training, interviews & workshops
  • Edit recordings down to a 5-6 minute promotional DVD that represents our mission and how we are fulfilling that mission (building skills and enriching lives through literacy in the Lapeer County area).
  • Reports to and works with: Mary Wiese, Executive Director

Student Activities Coordinator
Time commitment:  will spend approximately 10 hours on promotion and producing events four times a year.

  • Convening a student meeting or party four times a year
  • Call students to promote event, arrange topic or theme and plan location and food
  • Reports to: Donna Shelton, Adult Program Coordinator

One On One Promotion Specialist
Time commitment:  varies according to event.

  • You will be skilled at speaking individually to persons who visit our display tables at various community events or exhibits as needed
  • Monitor Lapeer County community calendar on web and in area newspapers
  • Attend events and promote Family Literacy Center activities to participants
  • Maintain current brochures and transport these as needed to events
  • Reports to: FLC staff

Mail Carrier
Time commitment:  on an on call basis

  • This volunteer will pick up the mail when Family Literacy Center staff staff cannot retrieve mail 
  • Mail key and mail bag will be provided, mail ready after 10:30 a.m. in Lapeer Post Office
  • Mail must be promptly and directly returned to FLC staff in provided bag
  • Take any outgoing mail and purchase stamps with company check as needed
  • Reports to: FLC Staff

Mailing Coordinator
Time commitment: a weekly chore, varying by by project size. 

  • This volunteer may chose to work alone or manage a group of others who also wish to do this kind of work. 
  • Have ability to work with a deadline, mail in specified time frame
  • Assemble needed materials, collate, sort and stamp for mailing using provided example.
  • Reports to: FLC Staff 

Family Flyer Distributor/Coordinator
Time commitment:  Hours vary; There are usually one or two distributions each month.

  • Deliver packets to schools/libraries/businesses according to the checklist
  • Reports to: Meredith Donahue, Family Program Coordinator

Book Donation Clerks
Time commitment:  Hours vary; can be set to coordinate with open building hours.

  • Accept and sort all donations of used books received by Family Literacy Center
  • Sort, count, value and identify donated books for various programs
  • Be willing to dispose of books that are inappropriate for further use
  • Be able to lift books to shelf, estimated 20 lbs.
  • Find locations to regular distribute free books like the laundromat, doctors’ offices and other  locations
  • Alert staff to need for type or grade level books when supplies diminish
  • Reports to: Mary Wiese, Executive Director

Recycling Promotion
Time Commitment:   5 hours a month.

  • Learn about types of materials accepted for the recycling promotion program
  • Learn appropriate packing and shipping of materials
  • Send press releases about this recycling opportunity and how it benefits our community
  • Visit and contact businesses or persons who to encourage them to use out recycling dumpster to recruit businesses for program
  • Reports to: Mary Bond, 

Computer Maintenance Specialist
Time commitment:  Hours are somewhat flexible and number needed to perform required tasks will need to be determined by this volunteer

  • Will ensure that all maintenance (virus protection, updates, etc) are performed on all FLC computers to keep them in top operating condition.
  • Troubleshoot problems including those with specific programs, networks and software
  • Provide training for FLC staff 
  • Exceptional technical skills required
  • Reports to: Mary Wiese, Executive Director

eBay Facilitator
Time commitment:  Hours are flexible, likely 5-10 listing per year

  • On occasion, FLC is the recipient of goods, materials, supplies, that we cannot use. We are searching for a volunteer who can turn these items into cash and would list them on eBay, with the proceeds coming to the FLC.  
  • Excellent computer skills with existing account in good standing on eBay
  • Excellent organizational skills and follow through
  • Thorough knowledge of all e-Bay processes, rules and procedures
  • Reports to: Mary Wiese, Executive Director

Student Computer Lab Manager
Time commitment:  about 5 hours per week

  • Learn about the available programs in our student lab and understand how to teach these to students. 
  • Do lab orientations for all new users (students and tutors)
  • Promote use of lab to students and tutors
  • Develop list of helpful websites and promote these to users
  • Complete a minimum of four on-line courses through Thinkfinity sponsored by Verizon, a FLC funder
  • Reports to:

Training Host
Time commitment:   2-4 hours at an event up to 10 times per year

  • Be present at all FLC trainings and assist trainers with room set-up, arranging refreshments, making coffee, keep food areas clean and well-stocked
  • Welcoming guests and provide information about restrooms, facility
  • Reports to:

Publications Manager
Time commitment: this will require 2-5 hours weekly

  • Oversee various printing of various publications as needed.
  • Requesting staff and be given specific examples and deadlines for production of materials
  • Copy flyers from an original on our copier, cut them apart using a paper cutter, and organize them into packets for distribution
  • Print, collate according to provided example, binding if needed
  • Reports to:

It is a long list! We believe there is something for everyone. If you think of something we omitted, just call and offer – we will probably agree with you!